Don Diablo – ”Song for MJ (Remember the time)”

Don Diablo - Song for MJ (Remember the time)

Don Diablo heeft een 3 minuten en 40 seconden 'tribute' gemaakt ter nagedachtenis aan The King Of Pop. "Song for MJ (Remember the time)" heet het nummer. Persoonlijk vind ik het geen geweldige plaat, maar een eerbetoon valt altijd in goede aarde, dus vond dat ik 'm moest delen met jullie. >> Don Diablo: "What better way to pay tribute to MJ than music? I've been asked by press a lot today to comment on MJ's untimely death, but what do you say without sounding cliche. MJ was not a man of many words, he spoke through his music.

In short, I decided to make a song, rather than making any comments. Music is and always will be the best way to express a feeling without using words. Rest in peace MJ, I hope you are moonwalkin' in heaven now."


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